Exhumana is planned as a graphic novel series set in a world hundreds of years hence, inspired by Métal Hurlant magazine and The Walking Dead.
As a freshly exhumed “icer” (slang for cryogenic sleepers from modern times), Nichole Stevens is trapped between a group of scavenging pirates on the fringe of society and an army of totalitarian technocrats, desperate to restore the broken dream of civilisation. When the two factions meet, she discovers that something even worse is coming, a poisonous enemy out of humanity’s past. Stevens is given a mission that could change the tide for mankind.
Beginning with the first book, titled Initiate, Exhumana is a melding of fantasy, drama and dash of bloody horror. The series is aimed chiefly at the 15 to 30-year-old market and includes an ensemble cast of rogues, soldiers, monsters and more.
Over the course of the story, characters evolve, die and become replaced by others. This is a story of people facing apocalyptic situations and coming to terms with their own failings. Combined with two-fisted action, chases and ancient technology (from the future perspective, anyway), Exhumana aims to be a big, exciting series grounded firmly in its cast.
Initiate‘s comic script is finished and the search for art has begun.

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